Second Drive: 2017 Audi R8

It’s hard being the sensible one in the family. People think you’re great, really smart and all, but you’re just not as fun as your sister. She’s the wild one — gets away with everything; excuses made for her every failing. You? You have to put up a defense for every good choice you make at the expense of fun. Even when you do let your hair down, they look at you askance, seeing only the awkwardness in your unpracticed freedom, not the joy of release. You’re the Audi R8. And your damn sister is a Lamborghini.

Well, folks, that was the last generation. This time around the whole family is a bit nuts, but in the best possible way. Sure, the Lamborghini is still the rowdier one, but this time the Audi knows how to party till dawn — and still get to work on time.

Read the whole story at Automobile Magazine.

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